Thursday, February 12, 2015


I sort of let this thing go.  Partly because of a move.  Partly because, while I am still doing films, I do them less often.  As I've aged other priorities and interests have taken more time.  Not "normal" priorities like kids.  My sisters both have wonderful, smart, talented children.  They raise `em, my wife and I visit and I get to keep my own toys.  I'm more of a dog person.  Lots of fun, easy to relate to, never ask for the keys to the car or to go to college and pretty self sufficient after the first year.

Recently, however, I've been getting back into the swing of the sci-fi horror stuff.  We have a movie premiering April 24th online and hopefully in a few live venues that week.  It's a retro sci-fi piece about killer trees.  It takes a very broad stab at the problems with GMOs.  Look for it at .

And just this week we brought back Cult Goddess Magazine.  We're doing it as a blog this time around, but when possible the pages will be still fully laid out and the blog space will be used for clickable links.  This brings with it some improvements over the PDF format I loved so much.  It makes the interviews more accessible across platforms like phones and tablets.  No loading of giant PDF files (even when compressed they were pretty big) and the past interviews are more easily accessible and archived.

Since we post them one at a time we don't have to compile 3-5 Cult Goddesses for an issue, so we can put out interviews more often.  This month we have Monique Parent talking to us about her return to acting full time, although with the list of movies she's done the past two years, I'm not sure you call it part time.

My next biggest task is figuring out my writing schedule.  Winter has about past and I haven't finished my writing projects.  Usually, now that I'm a bit further North, I like to write when the weather is bad and then do pre-production and production during the warmer months.  Winter wasn't so bad this year though, so I'm coming up on Spring with some nice memories of going out with Nancy and Chaya, but not of lot finished scripts.

Also, trying to decide if my next book should be a collection of short stories, like "Off the Rails" is, or a full out Novelette.  Still don't think I'm ready for a Novel.  Any opinions on that are welcome, so long as you don't get insulted if I ignore them.

Keep checking this space and see if I keep up with blogging more often.  I just might since it seems to be considered a pretty old fashioned medium right now.

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