Monday, August 8, 2011

Make Money giving it away?

It's been awhile since I've posted on here and I apologize.  I've been dealing with some non-production things, but now I'd like to make an observation and so I'm doing it here.

The economy sucks.  I know, you don't need me to make that observation for you, but it sets up the idea for this blog.  Right now people are looking ways to save money more than ever and businesses, due to inflation, can not all accommodate that need.  Streaming video and DVD by mail services have actually raised rates or at least separated the services and the competition is getting stiffer.

This can either crush a self-distributing indie who may find it harder to make a decent deal with the larger businesses or it can be seen as an opportunity.  Maybe it's time for media paid for by advertisers to make a comeback.

Some of you are old to remember when commercials weren't something we all sneered at, but rather an accepted side effect of our free TV.  Well, advertisers still want to reach viewing audiences and now they can do it with greater target accuracy.  YouTube and Google offer revenue sharing programs that pay a little bit (very little bit) depending on views and clicks.  YouTube partnership with running video ads can be difficult for a new content creator to acquire, but other online channels like Revvor and are a bit easier to get a start with.

For makers of cult style horror, sci-fi and exploitation movies a fairly new site, , has a revenue sharing plan that allows you to show your movies for free alongside some cult classics and still make some money.  I've got several movies listed there.

For those interested and looking for an outlet off of the larger, more cluttered, less focused video streaming sites, I've created a Free Online Movie theatre at .  Originally it was created to show off my films, but I've decided to open it  up to outside content that fits with our shoestring budget, Drive-In feel.  The site incorporates (recently) an area here on blogspot where people can list reviews of the movies.  A certain number of free views will help establish some word of mouth and you can always remove the free film from the net to see if sales will go up.  In the long run, viewership translates into DVD sales of the film  you're showing and future films, not to mention the money to be made by advertising.

The number of channels you choose to show on is up to you. I've been going for full saturation with my older movies and keeping some newer, higher end productions, a bit harder to find.  With "Alien Vengeance" I'm dealing in sheer volume.  2 features, several shorts and a web series on the way are all set up to be shown free.  All are hopefully building a fanbase for the planned 3rd feature.

So, keep an eye out on your opportunities, seize them all and give the people what they want: FREE STUFF.  Even limited time runs or edited versions of the movies (less nudity and gore just like we'd get on TV back before cable) can help develop a fanbase for your work that may not otherwise be able to afford to see your stuff.